About  Application of Pressure Ulcers


Pressure ulcer is one of the problems that the medical community is very familiar with it and if people do not have knowledge about it may someday suffering from it. SCI patients due to restrictions on the movements if dont raise their knowledge about pressure ulcer are very prone to it.

Unfortunately, today's many people in the world suffer from this condition and therefore the center of the spinal cord injury community to raise awareness and create an opportunity to develop the necessary training in this regard, build apps of pressure sore, so enthusiasts by installing this application on their mobile phone and tablet can find the following information:

-          Educational materials related to pressure ulcers

-          Access to educational videos and audio files about pressure ulcer

-          News related to pressure ulcers

-          Ability to send questions to experts

We hope that by making this application can provide an opportunity to raise awareness in the community and with a collective effort can take valuable steps to prevent and treat this disease.

It should be noted that in Article 9 of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities , to empower persons with disabilities to live independently and participate fully in all aspects of life, access to information and communication and in Article Eight the promotion of educational programs is emphasized.

This application is an answer to this request to provide opportunities for greater access to scientific information and necessary training about pressure ulcers based on new information and communication technologies.


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